Rudy Giuliani…your modern day Mass-kisser!

alg_rev-al-rudy3.jpg He had to have known Yankee fans would react like this.  He had to have.

He is, after all, the man who has spent the better half of the last 6 months trying to convince Americans that only he knew that something like 9/11 was bound to happen.

He is literally running on a platform where he is attempting to paint himself (contrary to what his own 9/11 commission testimony tends to indicate) as some sort of modern day prophet.

And he didn’t see THIS one coming?

A day after former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani said he plans to root for the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, two of the city’s tabloid’s offered their response.

“TRAITOR!” decried the Daily News.  “C’mon Rudy, How Could You Root For the Red Sox in Series?”

“REDCOAT”  screamed the New York Post.   “Yank Fan Rudy Pulls for Bosox”

Perhaps it won’t matter. After all, it’s not like he’s rooting AGAINST my beloved Yankees, who once again failed to make it to the series. But the baseball faux pas is a jab in the eye to all those die-hard Yankee fans who have always thought they had Rudy in their corner.   After all, this is the man who has been accused of having spent more time at Yankee Stadium than at Ground Zero in this post-9/11 world.

Do a quick google search (image tab mind you) under “Giuliani” and see how many hits it comes back with.  You will be amazed at how many of them involve the man either wearing some sort of Yankee attire or sitting at Yankee stadium.  Of course that will be after you get over the shock of how many different examples of Rudy Giuliani in drag are in the mix.

Hizzoner has always been such a fan. He even got into a bit of hot water earlier this year over questions about the four World Series rings that he owns — just like the players and coaches — courtesy of the franchise in response to his lifelong devotion to the ballclub.  Giuliani’s sudden change of heart about the nation’s pasttime has opened him up to charges of flip flopping and pandering.

Could it be that he is supporting the Red Sox because the team is so popular in neighboring New Hampshire, where, by the way, the nation’s first primary will be held sometime in January (or maybe even December)?

If you listen to the man that wants your vote the answer is “No”.

“I’m an American League fan, and I go with the American League team – maybe with exception of the Mets,” he said. “Maybe that would be the one time I wouldn’t, because I’m loyal to New York.”

But that answer may not satisfy everyone.

Kevin Madden, the spokesman for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney despite being a long-time Yankee fan, offered this observation in his morning email to reporters Wednesday:

“For me,” Madden said, “baseball season ends when the Yankees play their last game. I don’t even root for the AL in the All-Star game!”

Giuliani’s willingness to root for the Sox appears to be a recent phenomenon.

In June, he was asked the following by a political columnist for the Providence Journal-Bulletin:

“If the devil said you can be president if you become a Sox fan, would you do it?,” asked M. Charles Bakst.

The answer was typical Giuliani, which means, blunt.

“I’m a Yankee fan. My father made me a Yankee fan probably before I was born. I always believe it’s a sign of my being straight with people, about not wanting to fool them, that I was one of the first mayors to be willing to say I was a Yankee fan. Most mayors pretended they rooted for both sides. I have great respect for Mets fans, Red Sox fans. I have great respect for people who really are fans of the team they say they are fans of. But probably that’s a deal I could not make.”

Rudy Giuliani has made more than a few errors in his political career. This is, after all, the man who dumped his second wife on television.

But his latest questionable decision hits Americans where it really, really hurts: their sporting allegiances.

This week, he attempted to explain why he’ll be rooting for the Boston team in the impending World Series finals.   But his spin-job seems to be falling on deaf ears in New England.

The Boston Globe points out:

Recent history shows Massachusetts voters would sooner adopt Manhattan clam chowder as the state’s official food than vote Republican in 2008.

Ben Affleck, a rabid Red Sox fan, is a man that has made a career out of making bad decisions (J Lo or Gigli ring a bell?). His reaction to Rudy’s sudden change of allegiance went something like “If I was a politician I’d sooner admit to Satan worship than claim to be rooting for the Yankees”.

And that sentiment is pretty much par for the course when taken in the context of this rivalry.  This is the Sox and the Yankees!  Not Ohio State vs. Michigan.  Not Duke vs. North Carolina.  Not any one of many other epic sports rivalries.  This is the standard against which all other such sports conflicts are measured.

It’s bad enough that we live in the Sportscenter/Performance Enhancing Drug era, but now we have to have these two-bit politicians sullying our sports landscape?

We live in an era where too many athletes favor style over substance while looking for a spot in a highlight reel, even if it costs their team a win.  Our most sacred of baseball records are being assaulted by pharmaceutic-ally enhanced phenoms on a daily basis.  Olympic heroes are being revealed to be nothing more than frauds.  And now this.

“…there is no joy in Gotham—mighty Rudy has copped out.”


  1. marcys

    Right on! I’m so much of a Yankee fan I had to stop watching the WS after the Sox pummelled the Rockies in the first three games; couldn’t stand to see them winning so big. What a mis-match this WS is! I hope Giuliani lost more votes than he gained with his betrayal.

  2. djpostl

    Amen brotha…keep the faith. We have a young core of power arms already in the Bronx and several more from the Sheffield/Randy Johnson trades on the way. A kid at AAA named Jose Tabata has been described as Manny-esque (Peter Gammons words, not mine) and now that Gay-Rod opted out of his contract we can bring up Eric Duncan at his natural position of 3B. The new stadium =’s we pay no luxury tax as long as we are paying it off (that translates to an extra $35 million per year) so we will have more revenue to add to the money we saved on A-Rod to go after Johan Santana & Miguel Cabrera in a year.

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