Verlander should be slang for overrated =)

So Detroit tosses a journeymen Closer 2 yrs/$14 million and then Justin Verlander gets a big, fat $80 million contract and those are considered “good decisions”?

Simply put, and it kills me to say it against a guy I watched play his college ball right down the street at Old Dominion, is about as overrated as they come.

A quick look at last years breakdown.

– The division in which he pitches is by far the worst offensive division in the league, this accounts for about 50% of his starts, this division accounts for 2 of the 3 worst offenses as well as the other that he pitches against being in the bottom half

his stats vs. his division:

2.21 era
122 K
24 BB

His stats vs. other two divisions in his league:

4.04 era
109 K
37 BB

IN essence he feasts against mediocre competition is EXACTLY league average when facing off with teams that have more than a AAA caliber offense.

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