Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The Mouse Mouth That Roared

eheajb__oPt“There is nothing worse than a harlot turned respectable. A reformed anything is bad enough, but a reformed harlot is the direct wrath of the Devil. ”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View came out Wednesday and tearfully apologized to Erin Andrews, ESPN reporter and current member of Dancing With The Stars.

Hasselbeck had come out the day before and blasted Andrews for the way she was dressing before quickly doing a back pedal the next day.

Tuesday, the day after Andrews  best performance to date on Dancing With The Stars, the ladies on The View were discussing it and Hasselbeck tried and failed to make a joke about Andrews’ attire.

Hasselbeck basically said that Andrews’ stalker is probably kicking himself now for peeping on her because he could have waited a few months and seen plenty of her on DWTS.

It was a bad joke in bad taste, which is a double whammy.

T o individually target ANYONE on that show for attire is fairly ignorant to be honest.   All of the dancers dress in tight provocative or bare costumes and if people don’t like it then they shouldn’t watch the show.  I know, I know.  Social conservatives don’t buy into that argument.  They tend to be confused by logic.

Making it even more laughable a statement, however, was the fact that Hasselbeck got her big “break in the business” by running around in a skimpy little bikini on the first season of Survivor.

While I applaud her for how far she has come, at some point she turned in to daytime TV’s sergeant-at-arms for the morals police.  I think it’s great we live in a society where we can “agree to disagree” and vocalize our opinions to our hearts content, but c’mon lady!

Ms. Andrews was the victim of sexual predator, likely fortunate that the crime didn’t take on a violent nature before the guy was caught.   You on the other hand victimized the American public by helping  launch the reality show era.  Survivor was THE program that showed how incredibly disproportionate the profit margins are on those things.

If had Doc Browns DeLorean I’d go back and make sure not a single damn one of you made it off that island, especially the guy with all of the footage.  The list of craptastic, aneurysm inducing, brain cell killing horrible programs that are your bastard spawn is as long & distinguished as Slider‘s johnson.

But anyways, I digress.

That night, Erin was asked about the comments and blasted back at Hasselbeck saying that she was severely hurt by the comments and was surprised that somebody would make light of an event involving a sexual predator who turned her life around.

Andrews made no qualms about being angry and, as she was throughout the trial of her stalker, was unapologetic about going right back at Hasselbeck.

Now that Hasselbeck has apologized, Andrews has a couple different options.  She can either privately deal with Hasselbeck and forgive her or simply choose not to do so.

If she forgives her this goes away fairly quickly, but if she doesn’t then things could spiral out of control. It seems unlikely that Andrews would go that route, but she has already shown us she can be very firm about something when she has been wronged in some way.

Keep your chin up Erin.  When your blood starts to boil just thinking about of this just remember one thing.

Light travels faster than sound, that’s why Mrs. Hasselbeck appears to be bright until she actually opens her mouth.


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