Curtis Granderson Continues To Remember Tigers Fan Slain In VT Shootings

R.I.P. Brian.

Curtis Granderson was traded to the New York Yankees in the winter of 2009.

As a Yankees fan I must say that move by GM Brian Cashman made the Bronx Bombers much, much better.

Not only on the field, but off it as well.

Many Detroit Tigers fans undoubtedly agree and I think to most he’ll always be a Tiger.

And recently on ESPN’s “E:60,” Granderson showed that a big part of his heart is still with one Tigers fan, in particular.

Some might remember that the Tigers fan community suffered a tragic loss in April of 2007, when graduate student Brian Bluhm was among those killed in the shootings at Virginia Tech. Brian was a huge Tigers fan, and an active member of the communities at The Detroit Tigers Weblog and the Motown Sports forums.

Granderson was one of Brian’s favorite players, and he corresponded with the Tigers center fielder through MySpace and e-mails to his PR representative, John Fuller. Obviously, that helped form a bond that continues to this day, as Granderson has maintained a relationship with the Bluhm family in the years since Brian’s passing.

“It’s amazing how someone I never met,” Granderson said, “can be that impactful.”

Here is plenty more you can read about Brian, including how highly he was regarded by his fellow fans and the media covering the Tigers.

(Here’s a clip from Tuesday’s “E:60,”)

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