The Angels and the Tigers: Grown Men Behaving Badly

You, sir, are a douche bag.

From Craig Calcaterra comes this perfect assessment of yesterday’s match-up between the Halos & Motown’s bad boys:

I had all kinds of fun yesterday watching that gonzo Angels-Tigers game.  But really, no one distinguished themselves once it got all ugly. For those who missed it:

  • Magglio Ordonez may or may not have shown upJered Weaver by posing for a home run after he hit it.  I actually buy Ordonez’s argument that he was merely watching to see if it went foul — that was my thought as I watched it live — but Weaver obviously felt differently.
  • Carlos Guillen then really did pose (and preen and strut and generally act like a serious asshole- made even more pathetic by the fact he pretty much sucks) after his home run off Weaver.
  • Weaver then did the absolutely inexcusable in throwing the next pitch at Alex Avila‘s head.  Really? No excuse whatsoever. You could end a guy’s career with that kind of crap. Or worse.  If I was in charge I’d suspend Weaver 20 games for that.
  • Erik Aybar bunted in an effort to break up Verlander’s no-hitter.  This is a fun one. On the one hand, yes, it’s an alleged violation of the unwritten rules to do this.  And maybe I agree if it’s a 9-0 game, but this was a close game and Aybar came around to score, so no worries.  Except, isn’t it possible that the play can both be defensible against charges of an unwritten rule violation but also be kind of a dick move?  I am willing to bet the Angels wanted to mess with Verlander and get a guy on base and were content to do both at the same time. So while I don’t care if he bunted, let’s not pretend that it was a purely tactical move.
  • Oh, and Aybar’s “reached on an error” should have been a single. Only a hometown official scorer gives Verlander a throwing error in that situation. The batter clearly reached first base prior to the errant throw going past the bag. Didn’t matter given that the no-hitter was broken up on a clean single, but it’s still worth noting.
  • And of course Aybar threw an elbow at Verlander as he crossed home plate.

Add in all of the in-game and post-game beefing from these guys — I counted at least a half dozen F-bombs yelled from players during the game —  and we have a game in which everyone came off badly.

The worst thing of all, though?  These two teams don’t play each other again until next year.




  1. Doug Weaver

    Sorry, I don’t agree with you about the error call. I watched the game and saw the replay. Aybar would have clearly been out with a good throw. But even as a Tiger fan, I don’t have a problem with Aybar bunting. That is clearly a big part of the Angels’ game. They win games with speed since they have little power in the lineup.

    Guillen obviously deliberately antagonized Weaver. What I hadn’t realized during the game was that Weaver loudly took exception Ordonez’s home run pose, which set the stage for Guillen to respond.

    The sad part is the drama involving Guillen and Weaver may have cost Verlander in his bid for another no-hitter. It made for a very long half inning with Verlander sitting in the dugout.

    • djpostl

      Yeah, I think Verlander put it best (and pretty much mirrors my view on the bunt) when he said “As a pitcher of course I don’t want to see it, but an argument can easily be made for doing ti since it was tight/late and is such a big part of their game”.

      I still think he was safe, tie goes to the runner and I don’t even think it was a tie, but it was a bang bang play to say the least.

      Guillen just irked me because he has pretty much done nothing to warrant him acting like he is anything other than a guy that has not earned his pay for a while now.

      And overall, you bet ya. All that chaos did nothing to help Justin focus on what he needed to focus on. Which was those last 4 outs.

  2. chriswilliams11

    I watched the replay a couple times and to me it seemed he would of been out, but it would of been very close and like djpostl said “tie goes to the runner”. Just echoing what was said, I think the fact that it was a tight game and it was late kinda makes this acceptable. To say he intentially to this to ruin Verlanders perfect game is a little excessive. It was a close game and it wasn’t like Aybar was a power hitter who never bunts. It plays into their style of play. I’m a Tigers fan and I’ve watched Verlander come close several times this year. I was upset as the next guy when I seen him fall short again, but I do not believe it was a cheap play. Also as a fan I look at the bigger picture, Tigers won, we are in First in the AL Central and Verlander is keeping his ERA low. If you’ve watched Verlander pitch at all you know he will have another shot at it this season.

    • djpostl

      Indeed. Big picture is they won a game and stayed in first. No-no’s are nice and all but in the end they don’t impact the standings so I don’t pay much heed to them.

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