Rut Roh Raggy. Big Sloppy Papi is ‘F***ng Pissed’.

Remind me again why so many in the media just ignore how tempermental David Ortiz can really be?

Before last night’s game, Ortiz crashed Terry Francona’s press conference with some strong language and poor timing. “I’m f***ing pissed. We need to have a talk.”

What could get the easygoing Ortiz so riled up?

A scoring change from Wednesday’s game. Ortiz was originally given two RBI forhis first-inning single, but after the game Fenway’s official scorer changed it to an error, meaning Ortiz only gets credit for plating one of the runners.

I’m not sure what he thought Francona could do about this, but his interruption led to one bemused manager, one harried PR lady, and the only time all year Chaz Scoggins will see his name in the paper.

As Ortiz was hustled out of the media room, he carried on: “fucking scorekeeper always fucking shit up.” We’ll presume that Ortiz simply wanted to preserve Austin Kearns’ fielding percentage from an iffy call, rather than being overly concerned with a single RBI in a season which he’ll end with more than 100.

Scoggins went on the radio this morning to defend his error call.

“About two innings later, the Cleveland PR guy came over and told me their pitching coach had called him and told him that [Red Sox third base coach Tim] Bogar had put up a stop sign on Youkilis. I told him I didn’t see the stop sign and I had looked immediately to see what the coach was doing and he’d waved him home. He said, ‘Well, it’s on tape somewhere.’

“So, I went back and reviewed the NESN tape. On their replay, sure enough, you could see Bogar throw up his hands to stop Youkilis until the ball was bobbled by Kearns, and then he waved him home. It was only an instant. He never really got his hands up all the way. But clearly, his intent was to stop Youkilis, even though there were two outs, until he saw the bobble.

“At that, I felt I could not give Ortiz two RBIs on that when the intent was to stop Youilis at third.”

If you watched the replay of Ortiz’s single in Wednesday’s first inning without any context, you could understand why Big Papi thought it was a bad reversal. The hit seemed pretty straight-forward, giving Ortiz 70 RBI for the season when Adrian Gonzalez scored from third and Kevin Youkilis came around to score from second.

And frankly I don’t see much of an indication that third base coach Bogar “threw his hands up” for Youklis to hold at third, it looks more like his left hand might have been raised rather half-assed at best.

That being said. Stop being a bitch Papi. How would you say it?  “Take it like a man“?

Your organization above all others treats the RBI like it deserves to be treated. An overrated stat. The only time they even look at the thing is when it is in the context of RBI%, a stat that tracks the % of potential RBIs you actually drive in.

For example this year Adrian Gonzalez has driven in 91 of 362 potential RBIs for a percentage of 20.17, good for 8th best in MLB. The Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton leads baseball in this category, having cashed in RBIs 22.89% of the time in 2011.

The RBI is trivial David. Your team didn’t lose a game because of it (Youklis, after all, DID score the run) so what is the big issue?

Maybe it’s time we stop treating this guy with kids’ gloves just because he has a nice smile.

While we are at it we can ask him when we’re going to see that follow-up interview he promised to give us upon “learning” he had failed a test for performance-enhancing-drugs in 2003.

Ortiz’s faux-admission press conference provides a juxtaposition for the steroid era, one which we should use to measure the man’s character.

When it was leaked out that A-Rod had tested positive, he joined Andy PettitteJason Giambi, Chuck Knoblauch and others as players willing to admit to illicit drug use. David Ortiz joined Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and, to a degree, Roger Clemens as players never willing to admit to any wrong-doing.

The players who dance around the issue curry no favor with anyone while the players who fess up to something of the truth earn a modicum of respect. In the end, that’s how it should work.

But somehow Ortiz gets a pass. Clemens, Sosa, Bonds et al are all persona non grata in the baseball world, because they refuse to admit wrong doing. Ortiz took the same tact and nary a peep. Go figure.

Though years have elapsed since Game of Shadows, the Steroid Era won’t end. Names drip out. Players don’t know how to respond. One day, it will all be over, and with each name, it inches closer to the end.

Yet, Ortiz’s PED dance, coupled with the parts of the media who have yet to press him on the issue for whatever reason, show just far away that day is.

For yet another example of why Big Papi isn’t quite the “affable, lovable guy” many members of the media make him out to be go ahead and watch the video right here.



According to ESPN Boston the thorn in Big Papi’s side may be, drum roll puh-lease, a contract issue. Namely the fact that a renewal of a contract for him has yet to be broached by the team. Color me surprised.



  1. djpostl

    That whole thing was such BS. The Red Sox have three of the top 5 pitchers in terms of batters hits (Beckett, Lester & Lackey) then he (and Beckett later in an interview) want to bitch & moan about another pitcher trying to own the inner half of the plate. What a joke.

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