Watch This Portly Pitcher Nearly Decapitate Himself Diving into Home Plate

by Ted Williams Head

People say that there should be no DH in baseball because it ruins the game. Well this video of a pitcher diving head-first into home plate makes a case that there needs to be a DH.

Former Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison was recently demoted to the minor leagues for being onhis Twitter too much, but that didn’t stop him from tweeting out this gem on Thursday. Graham Taylor is a pitcher for the Jacksonville Suns, the Double-A team for the Florida Marlins.

The “hefty lefty” is listed at 6’3″ 225 lbs, but let’s be honest, Taylor is no stranger to “Five Guys Burgers,” and he’s realistically 245 lbs. There was a play at the plate where Taylor was trucking home and he made one of the most unnecessary, crazy dive slides ever.

This is exactly why pitchers should just pitch. The DH is necessary because it prevents pitchers getting paralyzed from dumb, pile-driving slides.

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