Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski’s Yankees, Red Sox rivalry “heats up”

What’s the one guaranteed way to make a Red Sox fan cry? According to Alec Baldwin in this New Era Cap Company commercial, it’s to burn precious Fenway Park tickets in front of them. And, judging from John Krasinski’s usually calm voice have a hint of panic, Baldwin’s evil plot is true.

New Era Cap Company has been running a series of commercials featuring the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry between these two men, showcasing the pranks they pull on each other. Krasinski shaved a Red Sox sign into Baldwin’s dog, while Baldwin bought some precious screen time at a Yankees game to feature Krasinski in his underwear. The list goes on, but the battle really blazes in this new video.

Which one of the New Era Cap Company ads do you like best? More importantly, are you team Baldwin or team Krasinski?


One comment

  1. mlblogsyossif

    I love these commercials, they’re probably the best series of commercials on the air recently. My favorite one was probably the first one, but they’re all good. Although John Krasinski is one of my favorite actors, I have to take Baldwin’s side, just because I despise the Red Sox so much.

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