Editor’s Picks of the Week

Couple of nice little pieces from blogs I have stumbled across over the years.

One is from The Rays Rant is about Tampa’s manager Joe Maddon, one dude who I really like. Guy knows what he is doing on the field and he sure as hell comes across as one fine human being:

“Ever since the Rays’ magical season back in 2008, it became clear that skipper Joe Maddon was someone special. Since taking over the Rays’ head coaching spot in 2006, Maddon has emerged as one of baseball’s best managers. He helped turn a franchise around, transforming the Tampa Bay Rays from the league’s laughingstock into one of the most respected teams in baseball. His unconventional style of coaching baseball and his unique paths to success make Maddon one of Major League Baseball’s most interesting and colorful personalities. The guy is simply not your average Joe.”

You can just out the piece title “5 Things You May Not Know About Joe Maddon” right HERE.

The second recommendation I have for you is courtesy of Observing Baseball. The author, Mateo Fischer, is a lot like me.  A Yankees fan, a stat head and someone who embraces the famous Rogers Hornsby quote “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball.  I’ll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring…” as if it was our own.

In the wake of the recent Twitter spat between baseball pundits concerning the off-season approach of the Boston Red Sux Sox, he goes over the events of last September and how they may have affected Boston’s strategy this winter:

“When you actually look at the talent changing hands, the Red Sox are probably more of a C+/B- type offseason. However, the Red Sox’s owner, John Henry, also owns the English Premier Legaue Football club, Liverpool. Over the past year, Liverpool has added players totaling a dollar amount that is comparable to the Red Sox’s total payroll (when converted from pounds to dollars). Due to this spending spree with Liverpool, and the spending spree last year with the Red Sox, it is understandable that Henry didn’t want any major additions to the payroll. Given this fact, I bumped the Red Sox’s grade up to a B, because they managed to add some key pieces without spending a lot.”

Take a look at “Boston Red Sox 2012 Offseason Recap & Preview” right HERE.


  1. Mateo Fischer

    What can I say? I like to give even my lesser favorite teams a fair shot when it comes to respectability. With most owners, actually, they could spend much higher on their teams to win, but most are also former/current business men and don’t see the economic value in that, especially when there is a far greater chance of not arriving at than winning a World Series, and their investment would go down the tube at that point. Thanks for the recommendation, though.

  2. djpostl

    Indeed, most casual baseball fans don’t even realize that the Steinbrenner family is only the 6th or 7th wealthiest ownership group in all of baseball. They choose to invest in their team with the sole objective of winning, where as others view it merely as a business investment and choose to milk as much out of their investment as possible, regardless of the teams performance.

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