Because the job will be thankless, Soriano, not Robertson, is the man to replace Mariano Rivera

If you are one who regularly visits you are probably familiar with the work of Wallace Matthews.

Just in case you haven’t been unfortunate enough to run across the drivel he passes off as objective journalism here is a great link to a piece appropriately titled “Wallace Matthews Will Not Rest Until All Yankee Fans are Miserable“.

The guy is a tool. He was pretty much tossed out on his ass from Newsday and only got a job at ESPNNewYork because he tries to push every emotional button on Yankees fans.

He is a so-called “Yankees beat writer” yet every Yankees fan who knows of him would tell you he is an unofficial employee of the Boston Red Sox (which technically since he work for NESN West, i.e. ESPN he kind of is lol.)

But anyways. I digress.

Yesterday I stumbled across this little tidbit from the fore-mentioned curmudgeon.

In it Matthews surmises that if/when the almighty Mariano Rivera decides to hang ’em up, it should be Rafael Soriano who replaces him, rather than the heir apparent Dave Robertson:

The man who succeeds Mariano Rivera is going to have a tougher job than Bobby Murcer trying to replace Mickey Mantle, Tino Martineztrying to replace Don Mattingly, or Joe Girardi trying to replace Joe Torre.

That’s because he won’t just be following a great, he will be following the greatest ever. Think Larry Holmes trying to follow Muhammad Ali.

By definition, it is impossible to replace the irreplaceable, and assuming Rivera is entering the final season of his unparalleled career as the Yankees’ closer, anyone who tries will be set up to fail. The position doesn’t call for a pitcher so much as a sacrificial lamb.

I completely agree with him.

Aw, man. Just saying that made me throw up in my mouth.

But I completely agree with him.

S***, I did it again.

Statistically it’s a no-brainer. DRob is the guy. The dude tossed 66 IP of ball with a microscopic ERA of 1.08, striking out 13.5 batters per 9 innings.

The big blemish on his record was a high walk rate, which created some “jams” he had to wiggle out of earning the nickname Houdini along the way. This could be problematic as a closer.

Without being too obvious, as closer there is nobody behind you to put out your fires. You are truly a man on an island, left to his own devices.

But we aren’t talking merely about statistics when we are talking about replacing Mo.

We are talking about replacing freakin’ Mo.

Bruce Sutter and Dennis Eckersly could have secretly spawned a cybernetically enhanced love child who was schooled in the ways of closing like he was a Jedi Knight and that could would have ZERO chance of replacing Mariano Rivera in the hearts of Yankees fans.

Whomever follows Mo is going to be dissected in ways no other human being, let alone professional baseball player, has ever been.

So why on Earth would you want to sacrifice your young, promising star of the future when you have a well-compensated former closer on your roster already?

You wouldn’t and you shouldn’t.

Sorry Mr. Soriano, you are the one drawing the short straw on this one. Best of luck!!


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