The players are not happy with the Braun decision

From @ Hardball Talk comes news that quite a few MLB players have privately informed ESPN‘s Buster Olney that they are not the least bit happy with Ryan Braun’s OJ act:

Players are not happy with the Ryan braun result.

At least the ones Buster Olney has spoken to.  He reports that he has spoken with dozens and dozens of ballplayers off the record in the past week, and that as many as 80-90% of them are upset at the Braun decision.  They don’t like that he challenged procedure as opposed to substance, and they think it’s bad for the testing program overall, which they sincerely want to work.

I understand that. And I think it’s a good thing for drug testing in baseball overall that there are people who are upset at it.  Like I said yesterday, systems are improved over time when blips and inefficiencies occur.  The Braun decision may seem unjust on some level, but its lasting legacy will not be about what it means for Braun, it will be about how, when faced with a problem in the system, the league and the union can work together to address it. Which I am certain they will here, either by clarifying the collection procedures to their people in the field or by changing the Joint Drug Agreement to conform to the practices those in the field have employed and to apply them going forward.

All of that said, complaints that the Braun decision somehow puts testing at risk is silly.  Braun walking on this charge is no more of a threat to the drug testing system than a guy getting off on a burglary charge because the cops didn’t get a proper search warrant is a threat to the criminal justice system. You may hate the result, but the remedy is easy: get it right next time or change the rules to make what happened in that instance acceptable.  It is not something that puts the entire regime in peril.

Finally, I’ll observe that these complaints all seem a little self-righteous to me.  No one who ever wins on a procedural argument themselves ever seems to have a problem with it.  And I suspect that the 80-90% of the players Olney spoke with here were under the gun themselves, they would not hesitate to make the same arguments Braun did if they or their legal advisors thought to do so.

I really hope this is true., but from my own experience on the matter I see that 80-90% number as a pipe dream. I happened to be on Twitter when news of the appeal being upheld broke and every single comment I saw from dozens of MLBers was along the lines of “he’s vindicated”, “his name is cleared” or “#suckonthatdoubters”.

Every last one.

I even got into an exchange, a civil one mind you, with Gaby Sanchez of the Miami Marlins on the merits of getting off “on a technicality” in such a case. Let’s just say we “agreed to disagree” in the end.

But like I said. I really hope the players do get it. The dude’s a cheat. He was juiced up twice as much as Floyd Landis was when he had his Tour de France titled stripped away and dodged a bullet on a very, very questionable technicality.








    • djpostl

      I never bought the bag of goods he was trying to sell from the beginning. Glad to hear that a good deal of his peers aren’t either.

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