MLB screw-up means division winners may open ON THE ROAD in expanded playoffs

One of the big selling points of the expanded playoffs is that it will reward division winners by making wild card winners play in that one-game playoff.

But to quote Craig Calcaterra, “what expanded playoffs giveth to division winners, expanded playoffs may taketh away.”

Here’s a report from Amy Nelson of SBNation:

The addition of another wild card team will create a play-in game between the two wild cards, but because the 2012 regular season schedule was made prior to this proposed addition, there may not be enough days built in for travel. Therefore, if MLB cannot find a resolution, the current 2-2-1 format would change to 2-3, with the division winners opening away from their respective home ballparks.

This would only be for this season due to the schedule jam and would allegedly be fixed next season when the regular season schedule is made with the understanding there will be those two additional Wild Cards. you know, unlike this year.

Sooooo…why not just go to the extra Wild Cards next season? Oh yeah, we already know why. You’re really willing to completely screw over the division winners this year to squeeze out a handful of bucks, huh, Bud the Dud.


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