R.I.P. @TreyHickman : Your Twitter Account Is Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Internet Tough Guy

Behold, the Internet Tough Guy

If you happened to be on Twitter last week, or are one of the handful of people foolish enough to follow my blog (haha…suckers!), then you might have stumbled across one of the finest examples of an “Internet Tough Guy” the world has ever seen.

To put it simply, the dude was an assclown. A raging, homophobic, hill billy ass tool. Thankfully, he was torn apart by dozens of people from all walks of life.

Bloggers, professional baseball writers and anyone else you can think of lit into this dude like fat kids pouncing on the last jelly donut.

Well now it appears that @TreyHickman is no longer with us. Sadly, in the fashion of a true coward he one upped himself, feeling it wasn’t enough to delete all of the tweets he was being called out on and has now taken it one step further by shutting down his Twitter account.

Poor @TreyHickman =(

Since he and I “bonded” so well in those few, beautiful days we shared I feel it is only proper for me to eulogize him the best I can:

@TreyHickman‘s Twitter account bought the farm Thursday, March 1, 2012, having lived more than twice as long as anyone had expected it would and probably three or four times longer than it deserved.

Although it was born into a hateful, mean-spirited, and intolerant family, in a backward and benighted part of the country at the beginning of the “Great Regression”, he never in his life suffered any real hardships.

Many of his childhood friends who weren’t killed or maimed in various acts of stupidity became petty criminals, prostitutes, and/or Tea Party Republicans. @TreyHickman was a daredevil: his last words were “Hey you pussies, watch this!”

We will never forget you @TreyHickman!



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