Oakland A’s Fans: Are You Callin’ Yourself A Cespedesphile Yet?

Leave it to Hardball Talk‘s to come up with this lead in for a piece on the Oakland A’s multi-million dollar gamble, Yoenis Cespedes:

Yes, I know it’s spring training and that spring training doesn’t matter. But I believe in Yoenis CespedesI am, officially, a Cespedesphile.

Wait. That doesn’t sound quite right. We have time to work on it, though. It’s spring training for wannabe members of the not-yet-invented Yoenis Cespedes fan club, too.

While it’s a tad bit early to get caught up in the hype that is undoubtedly going to start coming out of the Bay area after today’s stunning debut, his major league career has got off to a good start.

He made the most of his first official Major League game on Saturday, lining a homer to left to lead off the fourth inning and drilling an RBI single to center with runners on first and third and one out in the second.

The homer came off the sixth pitch from Reds left-hander Jeff Francis, who had just entered the game. Cespedes fouled off four consecutive pitches before lining the ball toward Van Buren Street.

Cespedes came out swinging in his second at-bat against starter Johnny Cueto, tapping a grounder foul down the third-base line on the first pitch and then smacking a single on the next one.

Cespedes’ final line was 2-for-2 with one homer and two RBIs and four innings played in center field, making two pedestrian catches.


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