And Braun’s “Story” Just Keeps On A Changin’

Ryan Braun is off to a slow start, but you’d be hard pressed to find many around the game that think that he isn’t going to turn it around and be a fine damn baseball player again.

Braun hasn’t been playing in the Brewers‘ “road games” during spring training, and he’s got just one hit all spring. It’s reasonable to suspect that Braun’s limited playing time, and perhaps even his limited performance when he has played, is related to … well, you know.

Tyler Kepner of the New York Times had an interesting piece on the subject yesterday:

[Jonathan] Lucroy said there was more to the situation than Braun has said publicly, and his explanation to teammates, Lucroy said, has been convincing.

“I’m not going to get into the details, but if you knew what we knew, people would be like, ‘Wow,’ ” Lucroy said, adding that he understood why Braun has elaborated only in private. “You’ve got to do that because it’s his prerogative. It’s up to him, it’s his choice. And honestly, if some of the things came out, it would be a lot more negative than positive. There are reasons.”

I damn sure know that there are reasons why Braun failed his drug test, but I doubt my ideas on the subject line up with whatever cock-n-bull story he laid on his buddies.

I also get the fact that he felt comfortable sharing those reasons with his teammates but not the rest of us. In fact this little piece of info might lend some credence to rumors that were swirling around in December that he had failed the test due to complications relating to treatment for herpes.

Here’s the rub, though … If there were reasons for Braun failing the drug test, reasons that make us “be like Wow“, why did he stand before America and question the integrity of the guy who was hosting his urine for the weekend? Why throw him under the bus? To protect yourself and not have to go out and admit you were an idiot who didn’t use protection and got the herp?

Braun, my man…you can’t have it both ways.

I know you are a pro athlete and are used to getting it your way all of the damn time, but not on this. The public won’t let it slide this time, at least not outside of Wisconsin & more specifically the greater Milwaukee area.

Either your urine, fresh out of your pecker, was loaded with inhuman amounts of testosterone, but there were good reasons for that, or your urine was perfectly fine until something strange or nefarious happened to it.

This whole thing where your stories don’t line up doesn’t add up. And in life when someone’s stories do not add up we question their honesty & integrity, simple as that.

So if you want to be able to sit here and tell your teammates one story, the league office another and the public yet another, all the while tarnishing the reputation of a man who seemed to have handled everything both professionally and with integrity then go right ahead.

Just don’t expect us to take your explanations at face value and not come to the conclusion that you are a giant, lying, dishonest douche bag.

It just ain’t gonna happen.



  1. Cornelius Soyo

    Since you don’t know what ‘story’ he told his team, how can you say anything about it? Your article is 100% conjecture. You have no idea what his story is, yet you title your article “And Braun’s Story Keeps on Changing”. How do you know it changed? You don’t know anything about it other than some comments from Lucroy, which also say nothing about it. Maybe it would be more negative for baseball, or the collector, or some other player. Of course, I’m guessing here. Why? Because I don’t know. The media doesn’t know. ESPN doesn’t know. It’s likely the President doesn’t even know. You don’t either. Why not wait for the actual story to surface, so that your argument can have merit? And by the way, I’m from Chicago, and have no love loss for Braun – but it bothers me when people talk as if they’re spouting fact, when in fact they are spouting fantasy.

    • djpostl

      Rocket scientist…HE said what he told teammates is the “real story”. His teammates said what he told them was different…so that is how I can say his stories have been different every step of the way.

  2. Cornelius Soyo

    Yes, compared to you, I appear to be a Rocket Scientist. Thanks for pointing that out!

    #1 – Which teammate said that what he told him was “different”? Where is that quote? It didn’t come from Lucroy, who you quoted in your article.

    #2 – What if the “Real Story” is more details about the testing process, and more information about the tester himself? Maybe even an additional event that occurred during the collection process that he can’t legally discuss? Then the story line wouldn’t be “different” at all, would it? YOU DON’T KNOW!

    And as a note of reason, just because Braun and his attorneys questioned the testing process doesn’t make that his “story” to begin with. It just means he questioned the testing process. He never actually gave a story, so you don’t even have that to work with.

    The bottom line is, you went ahead and made assumptions – baseless ones at that – and then you wrote about those assumptions as if they are fact. The result is pointless journalism that holds absolutely no merit whatsoever.

    • djpostl

      Keep dreamin, did come from Lucroy.

      I don’t care if the real story is “more details” etc….you definitely aren’t the rocket scientist in this conversation because you seem to miss the point.

      If your story changes, you add more facts here, less there…then it’s shifty, shady, fugazi….take your pick. It’s bullshit.

      I love how you think Braun could possibly give us more info on the tester. The dude basically took out a friggin op-ed with his entire life story.

      Educational background, professional background, how long he has been doing testing for MLB, how many times he has done it, his exact route he took and every step of the process on the Braun test from the moment he got the sample to the second he mailed it off.

      Yeah, I am sure Braun offered up even more about him…like his social security number and credit card PIN. Get real.

      Now run along and show less reading comprehension please & thank you.

    • djpostl

      “I’m not going to get into the details, but if you knew what we knew, people would be like, ‘Wow,’ ” Lucroy said, adding that he understood why Braun has elaborated only in private. “You’ve got to do that because it’s his prerogative. It’s up to him, it’s his choice. And honestly, if some of the things came out, it would be a lot more NEGATIVE than positive. There are reasons.”

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