Wandy Rodriguez: Worst Spring Pitcher Ever.

Interesting observation from @ Hardball Talk:

Astros ace Wandy Rodriguez gave up four runs — two earned — and walked five in 3 2/3 innings Thursday in a loss to the Mets. And this is what passes for one of his better spring outings.

The loss left Rodriguez 1-2 with an 8.10 ERA in three starts this spring. Since 2006, the left-hander is 4-17 with a 7.44 ERA during Grapefruit League action. He’s allowed 96 runs — 86 earned — in 104 innings. During that same timeframe, he’s 63-65 with a 3.89 ERA in the regular season.

What makes it especially odd is that Rodriguez turns it on the moment the regular season starts. April is actually his best month, as he has a 3.17 ERA in 28 career starts. His next best ERA in any month is a 3.81 mark in July.

That’s just redonkulously odd.

Now contrast that to these Mariano Rivera tidbits:

From 2006-2011, Rivera appeared in 44 official exhibition games, pitched 43 1/3 innings, allowed just 19 hits (.130 OBA) and 5 walks (0.55 WHIP), gave up only 2 earned runs (0.42 ERA), and struck out 54 (11.2 K/9 inn).

So basically, the anti-Wandy Rodriguez lol.


  1. Reverse Engineering

    Yeah but the Nationals pitching staff looks atrocious. They definitely shouldn’t rush Strausberg. Astros though should abandon great pitching and go after the great defenders, that park is too small and even great pitchers get shelled there.

    • djpostl

      Agreed. Straus is awesome but they need to ease him in. Astros are an enigma. They have one of the wealthiest owners in the game, they have a fta cat TV revenue deal that will bring them nearly 75 million per year and yet they act like they are the Royals.

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