Jamie Moyer is older than Wilford Brimley was in “The Natural”?!

From @ Hardball Talk lol:

A lot of people have been having fun with Jamie Moyer‘s age this spring. My friend Baseball Crank has been tweeting random players who are younger than Jamie Moyer. Guys like Sam Horn, Billy Ripken and Ozzie Guillen.  It’s kind of mind-blowing.

Today Jim Caple of ESPN.com has a list of 49 Jamie Moyer facts. They’re not all about his age, but most of the interesting ones are.  Here’s the most mindblowing of them all:

At 49 years and four months, Moyer not only is older than Robert Redford was when he played Roy Hobbs in “The Natural” (46 when filming began), he’s older than was Wilford Brimley (48 at start of filming), who portrayed old manager Pop Fisher.

To repeat. Jamie Moyer is older than the man on the right HERE.

In all seriousness though, what Jamie Moyer is trying to accomplish (lock down a spot in a major league rotation) is incredible.

Moyer is a father of eight who wears old-fashioned stirrups and thanks the plate umpire whenever he leaves a game. He is older than 8 current managers and 16 current general managers. He has pitched in 49 major league ballparks, and started the last game at Wrigley Field before lights were installed there.

With that kind of longevity comes the bad (Moyer holds the major league record for home runs allowed, with 511) and the good (he also has 267 career victories, more than Hall of Famers like Whitey Ford and Bob Gibson).

Not bad for a man who led the National League in earned runs allowed in his first full season, and who was offered a coaching job by the Chicago Cubs when they released him at age 29.

That was two decades ago this month. Good thing he turned them down, huh?


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