Curt Schilling gets pwn3d by Josh Beckett

Lol, from @ Hardball Talk comes this follow-up to today’s “Curt Schilling “Red Sox are growing tired of Valentine already” headlines:

Curt Schilling said that the Red Sox players hate Bobby Valentine.  Josh Beckett then turned around with this:

Josh Beckett on WEEI responding to Curt Schilling’s comments on Bobby V:

“I haven’t seen him around this year. Is he one of our pitchers?”

No, Josh. He’s not. He’s just that sad old guy who keeps hanging around his old high school, telling everyone about how it used to be.  Go ahead, ask him: he’ll tell you how he scored four touchdowns in a single game that one time.

Sounds about right, except as big a mouth as Schilling has (and it’s quite friggin large) he doesn’t tend to make shit up. He is just more than willing to offer up his opinion on things going on around him (and others), regardless of whether or not you want to hear them.

There is quite a distinct difference between those two things.

Look, at face value I don’t doubt much of anything Schilling said.

There are eight guys on that roster who played with him (Bucholz, Papi, Youk, Pedroia, Jacoby, Lester, Dice K and Beckett).

While it’s probably safe to say Beckett isn’t his “source”, it is quite plausible that Schilling has talked to people about this (there are things that make it possible to communicate without being around the guys Josh, you know, like phones).

Add to that little factoid the stark reality that it’s been a controversial spring for Valentine.

One of his first mantras as Sox manager was banning alcohol from the clubhouse after reports surfaced last season of pitchers eating fried chicken and drinking in the clubhouse while the team went through an epic meltdown in September, losing 20 of 27 games and getting eliminated from playoff contention on the season’s final day.

Early in spring training, he ripped Derek Jeter’s famous flip play against the A’s in the 2001 playoffs (he later apologized), and credited retiring catcher Jason Varitek for punching out Alex Rodriguez in a 2004 fight.

Just last week, he raised a stink after a game against the Yankees ended in a tie bla bla bla, and it it isn’t hard to envision his “Bobby Me!” act could start to wear thin on some people.

It is conceivable that Schilling is hitting the nail on the head with this one, but the only that is for certain is this:

Gonna be one damn interesting year in Bean Town.


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