ESPN MLB pre-season picks: Hope they do better than last year.

ESPN released its annual pre-season MLB picks today and the first thing that jumps out at ya is there are 49 of ’em. Forty-nine. Overkill me thinks.

The second thing that comes to mind is just how God-awful they did last year, as I chronicled right HERE.

The single craziest pick in the 2011 bunch belonged to Steve Berthiaume, as he somehow saw fit to select the Houston Disastros Astros to win the N.L. Central division. They went on to lose 106 games and finish a mere 40 games out of first.

When told he “had some “splainin’ to do” he offered this:”I had written a piece for this website in September of 2010 and felt obligated to remain consistent six months later despite the realization that a moment of bold optimism had deteriorated into a sinking ship. I naively thought, “Well what the heck, it’s just a harmless predictions list anyway, right?” BOOM!!!! “

But the single worst collection of picks belonged to one David Schoenfield, of “the Sweet Spot” fame.

This is what Mr. Schoenfield came up with last spring (with my commentary in red):

AL East:  Red Sox  (Yeah, um, guess not. Not  bad choice, but seriously? EVERY SINGLE ONE of you chose them?)

AL Central:  White Sox  (Not my first choice, but division was wide open. I still would have chosen Detroit over them any day of the week)

AL West:  Rangers  (You got one right! Yay you!)

AL Wild Card:  A’s  (Ok, step away from the crack pipe)

AL Champion:  Red Sox  (El oh el…maybe next year.)

NL East:  Braves  (They were NEVER better than Phillies in any phase of the game)

NL Central:  Reds  (Yeah, they underachieved. But they were luckiest team in baseball for 40 games last year so they were due for a big fall off)

NL West:  Rockies  (You couldn’t name one guy in their rotation at that time, could you?)

NL Wild Card:  Giants  (Cody Ross only had one soul  to sell, buddy)

NL Champion:  Braves  (Did you wake up and think this was the mid-to-late 90′s?)

For those of you keeping score at home that is one out of eight playoff teams correctly chosen. One. Uno. Oh, did I mention that he had BOTH the Phillies and the Yankees completely missing the playoffs?

That is the kind of crazy ass, batshit nuts stuff we saw last year so God only knows what this new batch has in it. So give it a read, see what they came up with this year. I have a feeling I will be revisiting these come September.

And yes, I will be posting my picks later this evening =P


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