Yankees sign loser Jack Cust to minor league deal

From the Bronx Goblin:

I don’t know what Americans are talking about. It can’t be that hard to find a job with the economy the way it is.

My proof is Jack Cust.

The Yankees apparently have foolishly signed Jack Cust to a minor league deal. I know what you are saying… it’s only a minor league deal worth nothing. Well, Jack Cust is a player worth nothing. Now who is the idiot?

When hitting, Jack spends most of his time striking out. When he “plays defense”, he usually finds ways to drop balls and look like a complete fool in the outfield.

Rumor has it that the Yankees tried to sign a garbage can and an old wooden chair before Cust.

“They obviously wanted something useful. That is why the approached the garbage can and chair. When neither one would sign, Jack Cust was next in line.” said Seth Fileman who loves a good cup of pudding.

Will he even make the team? The fan from our last post is demanding that the Yankees hold a press conference, just like Timmy Tebow.

We’ll see.


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