High School Teams Engage in Ugly Brawl


A fight between the JV teams of Yuba City High School and Del Campo High School in Carmichael, California is being investigated by the San Juan and Yuba City school districts to determine just what set off the massive brawl. The video, which landed on Deadspin, shows multiple Yuba City players throwing punches at Del Campo players while others involved tried to break things up.

The Appeal-Democrat reports that players had been trading insults back and forth all game, but a Del Campo first base coach yelling at the Yuba City dugout is what set everything off.

Another source told the local CBS affiliate that a Yuba City pitcher threw a baseball at a Del Campo coach, which ended up clearing the dugouts.

Both schools could face suspensions for the brawl with a decision from the district superintendent expected to come on Thursday.

“We’re taking our time because we want to make sure that the consequences are appropriate for the behavior in which the players participated,” Nancy Aaberg told the Sacramento Bee. “We’re not stalling. But there are a lot of kids involved.”

A spokesman for the San Juan school district, which encompasses Del Campo, said that it is also looking into the matter.

“Based on the outcome of that investigation, any of our players found to have exited the dugout or thrown any punches will face disciplinary actions which may include suspension from one or more games in accordance with district and CIF rules,” Trent Allen, the San Juan district community relations director, told the Sacramento Bee.

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) is the governing body of high school athletics.

Source: International Business Times


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