Keith Olbermann evaluates the Detroit Tigers’ offensive “defense”

The piece in question, found right HERE, is actually a preview of the A.L. Central, but since most people who haven’t been in a coma for the last 12 months remember this team won their division by 15 games without Prince Fielder or a full season Doug Fister there isn’t much too talk about.

Here’s the rundown on the less than stellar defense the Tigers will be rolling out behind that pitching staff:

The Detroit Tigers, with probably the worst defensive starting line-up in the majors today – and one of the worst of all-time among serious contenders – will likely blow through the American League Central and could easily start the playoffs as the odds-on favorite to win the ALCS and even The Series.

Consider them, and leave your images of them at bat, back in your mental dugout:

– Prince Fielder at first base: Decent forward motion for a man of his size, and unexpected ups, too. But going after a liner to either side should be accompanied by a public address system announcement of “timber.”

– Ryan Rayburn at second: You need to see the video again of him doing the Jai-Alai bit in left field to send Miguel Olivo’s fly ball over the fence? Here’s the link.

– Jhonny Peralta at short: This is an ex-shortstop turned third baseman and reconverted to short. And he’s the infield stalwart.

– Miguel Cabrera at third: No.

– Delmon Young in left: This will make you hanker for Raburn.

– Brennan Boesch in right: Immobile.

– Alex Avila catching: He’s a gifted receiver but, without Victor Martinez to help him out, the temptation for Jim Leyland to play him 133 more times behind the plate will be huge. His exhaustion down the stretch last year was ultimately disastrous.

You’ll notice I left out Austin Jackson. Obviously he is one of the best centerfielders in the game, not just fast but instinctive on balls off the bat, and in his throwing. But between Young and Boesch (or any of the alternatives) in that of all ballparks, they are asking him to cover a lot of ground.

But of course this is academic. When Salvador Perez and Joakim Soria went down, they postponed any chance of a KANSAS CITY uprising until next season.

Tigers’ fans should thank the good Lord that their pitchers creating a lot of swing & misses AND they play in such a weak division, otherwise they might be in trouble lol.

In a related note, check out this horror:


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