So Good I Had To Talk About It TWICE: Community College Team Beats Snorioles…Snort, Chuckles, Guffaw

In all honesty, I only wrote this to have a reason to post that picture because it is hellafied kinds of funny…

From the ever crazy, always entertaining Bronx Goblin:

Buck Showalter must be feeling like a complete loser right now as his ball club lost to a community college team in Florida earlier today.

Yes, we get it… it is only spring training, but this is rather pathetic. Buck must have been spending more time coloring his hair blond than getting his team ready for the season. He called this game a “controlled scrimmage” which easily translates into “We will look like complete fools if we lose, so I am going to make an excuse in case we do.”

The community college team consists of a bunch of skinny wimps ages 18-22, who can barely hit their way out of a wet paper bag. They have never seen major league pitching before and it is practically foolish to think that they even had a chance against Baltimore.

The community college team that was led by Stubs McGregor, stunned an entire universe with their win. We talked to a community college fan.

“I skipped class to watch the game. Man the Orioles and Buck are really losers aren’t they? After this win, we are going to drink ourselves into a oblivion.” said Angus Rouwler a General Studies major.

At this rate, we are predicting that the Orioles will be finishing 1-161 this season. You heard it first here.


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