Yankees Fan Angry His Opening Day Tattoo Now Looks “Stupid”

One day after all the idiots who make respectable Yankees fans look bad had a collective conniption because of a blown save by the almost always reliable Mariano Rivera one of my favorite websites delivers the goods…again.

From that crazy mother f***** the Bronx Goblin:

The Yankees dropped the season opener yesterday when Mariano Rivera coughed up the game in the 9th inning. Pessimists are spouting off already.

“Mo shoulda retired.” Said one drunk guy at a bar. “They shoulda went after Papplebon.”

“I knew it.” Said another drunk guy. “0-162. You watch.”

“Never shoulda traded Burnett.” Said a guy with a Burnett jersey. “This thing cost me 20 bucks. That should have been my first clue something was up.”

But one fan, Marco “the perspective” Donomoni of south Jersey is really upset. Marco was running his mouth as he usually does on Friday morning. A friend dared him to get a Yankees opening day tattoo which he did.

“Man, that was whack. Them Rays musta cheated. This is bull. They was supposed to win, now my ink looks stupid.”

Hopefully all these fools will rethink their statements after tonight.

Couldn’t have said it better haha.

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