Players With More Homers Than The Phillies

Coming into this season we knew the Phillies would have to lean heavily on their starting pitchers, but holy s*** their offense looks bad.

Here’s a list of all the MLB players with more dingers than the Phils, courtesy of @ Hardball Talk:

Jay Bruce
Miguel Cabrera
Yoenis Cespedes
Corey Hart
Omar Infante
Alex Avila
Carlos Beltran
Lucas Duda
Prince Fielder
Aaron Hill
Eric Hosmer
Adam LaRoche
Matt Kemp
Nick Markakis
Carlos Pena
Pablo Sandoval
Carlos Santana
Josh Willingham

Yeah, I’m trolling a bit. But this has been an ugly offensive display.

Not only do the 1-3 Phillies have just one homer through four games, but they’re also right near the bottom of the league with three doubles and they’ve yet to record a triple, leaving them with four extra-base hits in four games. Even the 2011 Mariners, the worst in the league last year, averaged 2.4 extra-base hits per game.

Utley being on the shelf indefinitely and the big thumper Ryan Howard’s DL stint are the prime culprits, but the rest of the guys have to step up.

I still stand by my pick of the Phillies to win the N.L. East, but it won’t be an easy road if this putrid offense doesn’t man up and grow a pair.


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