Matt Bush was involved in THREE separate hit-and-runs on the day he was arrested

We have all heard the phrase “they should build a jail to bury this guy under” and now I finally get to invoke it.

This from @ Hardball Talk:

This is just … wow:

Rays minor league pitcher Matt Bush got in a previous hit-and-run accident three hours before police arrested him in North Port Mar. 22 for a DUI-hit-and-run crash (that itself involved two different hit-and-runs), according to Venice Police records.”

Marc Topkin has the details from the police reports in the story. No one else was hurt — one involved hitting a car and then making an illegal u-turn, the other was hitting a light pole — but it’s amazing that Bush didn’t kill anyone.

Thankfully, Tony Tufano, the 72-year-old motorcyclist  Bush hit at the end of his rampage is improving and, according to his family, is close to being released from the hospital.

I don’t want to hear about his “demons”, his “addiction” or any other crap.

This guy has had many, many, many, MANY chances to get the message, get his head out of his ass and take charge of his life.

On top of it because of who he is, and more appropriately the talent he possesses, he has had the resources to get it done. Big league clubs (and MLB itself) will bend over backwards in assisting their players in addressing things like this.

A regular schmo like me or you would have to be at the mercy of our employers, insurance companies and the legal system as we tried to navigate our way through these kinds of troubles, where as Bush could have simply made a phone call and had a room at a posh rehab clinic waiting for him.

This is a person who either doesn’t want to fix things or is completely incapable of doing so.

We’re lucky this douche bag didn’t kill someone yet. Let’s not roll the dice and see if we get lucky again. Toss his arse in jail and let him detox the hard way.



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