Lin Called Up As Temporary Replacement For Ellsbury (No, not THAT Lin)

The daunting task of replacing Jacoby Ellsbury in the Red Sox lineup could at least partially fall onto the lap of prospect Che-Hsuan Lin, who the team called up to the majors on Saturday, says

He did not start on Saturday, and could be worked in as a spot starter or fourth outfielder at some point over the next two months.

Lin won’t be able to match anywhere near the MVP-caliber offensive production that Ellsbury brought to the Red Sox lineup on a nightly basis, but when he does play, he should come close to matching Ellsbury’s defensive abilities in center field.

Lin excels in the gaps, with plus speed, and profiles as an above-average center fielder.  He has yet to prove he can hit enough for full time at-bats, so look for Bobby Valentine to use him in a spot starter/defensive replacement/pinch runner role for the time being, as the Red Sox try to piece together a replacement for Ellsbury.

Unfortunately for him (and us I suppose), the team sent him back down after the game.

In a Moonlight Graham-esque type performance, Lin played just one inning in the field as a defensive replacement, and did not get a plate appearance.

Unlike Graham, however, Lin will likely be back in the majors at some point, possibly this season, and is unlikely to start a medical practice in Minnesota or appear as a ghost and talk to Kevin Costner.



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