Tim Tebow, Dwyane Wade and the son of God attend Yankees game?

Alright, maybe I’m going to hell for this one (I really hope not!) but if I am, the Bronx Goblin is going right along with me:

The ESPN camera’s managed to find NY Jet Tim Tebow sitting at the Yankees game on Sunday night. He was sitting near Dwyane Wade, who always looks like a jerk and a man that appears to be the son of God.

“We noticed Tebow and Wade right away on the TV.” said Dan Powders a retired belly dancer. “I was shocked to see Jesus there to be honest…and so close to Easter.”

Dan is the type of guy that loves to tell you about his beliefs, even if you don’t want to listen.

“I just don’t understand why some people celebrate Passover. Wouldn’t they rather color eggs and then hide them? They don’t even get chocolate bunnies on Passover. Kind of seems like a rip off you ask me.”

A Mets fan was clearly upset at seeing Tebow at the game.

“It’s Mets, Jets and Islanders. Not Yankees, Jets and Islanders. If you like the Jets you have to like the Mets. Simple physics.” said Mort Finnystein.

It is still unclear if the man in the photo is actually the messiah, but we will keep watching the game to find out.

They are playing the Angels….


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