List Of Top Young Pitchers Without Extensions

Ben Nicholson-Smith @ MLB Trade Rumors put together this great list of young pitchers who might be hitting the open market in the not-too-distant future.

MLB teams are working to keep their best pitchers off of the open market with contract extensions, and fewer elite arms are hitting free agency as a result of this emerging trend. In the past month alone, Matt Cain, Derek HollandJon Niese and Madison Bumgarner have signed long-term extensions that will postpone their free agency.

So who’s going to hit free agency? Fortunately for teams without pitching, some under-30 starters are not signed to long-term deals (minimum 2.5 wins above replacement in 2011 per FanGraphs). The list below includes pitchers who are going year to year through arbitration, and those who are headed for free agency this coming offseason:

Eligible For Free Agency After 2012

Eligible For Free Agency After 2013

Eligible For Free Agency After 2014

Eligible For Free Agency After 2015

  • Rick Porcello — 23 years old, 2.7 WAR in ’11, 2.170 years of MLB service through ’11
  • David Price — 26 years old, 4.7 WAR in ’11, 2.164 years of MLB service through ’11
  • Jordan Zimmermann –– 25 years old, 3.4 WAR in ’11, 2.154 years of MLB service through ’11 (extension candidate)
  • Ian Kennedy — 27 years old, 5.0 WAR in ’11, 2.124 years of MLB service through ’11 (extension candidate)
  • Mat Latos — 24 years old, 3.2 WAR in ’11, 2.079 years of MLB service through ’11
  • Doug Fister — 28 years old, 5.5 WAR in ’11, 2.058 years of MLB service through ’11
  • Philip Humber — 29 years old, 3.5 WAR in ’11, 2.000 years of MLB service through ’11

Eligible For Free Agency After 2016

  • Daniel Hudson — 25 years old, 4.9 WAR in ’11, 1.117 years of MLB service through ’11 (extension candidate)
  • Ivan Nova — 25 years old, 2.7 WAR in ’11, 1.035 years of MLB service through ’11
  • Brandon Beachy — 25 years old, 2.8 WAR in ’11, 1.014 years of MLB service through ’11
  • Michael Pineda — 23 years old, 3.4 WAR in ’11, 1.000 years of MLB service through ’11

Many of the pitchers above will eventually sign extensions that delay their arrival on the open market. For now, however, it remains possible that they’ll test free agency.



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