Theo Epstein wasn’t invited to Fenway’s 100th

As Craig Calceterra of Hardball Talk said:

I’m not sure when the Fenway Park centennial celebration became an awards show after party, but apparently the guest list is pretty darn important. First there was the no/yes status of Terry Francona. Now it’s Theo Epstein’s absence that is making headlines.

Here’s Sean McAdam, reporting that Theo wasn’t even invited:

The news came as a surprise to principal owner John Henry, who said he was unaware of the decision until contacted by a reporter.

“Apparently we decided to just invite uniformed personnel,” said Henry, noting that the team hadn’t invited former GMs Mike Port and Dan Duquette either.

I find it more than odd that the guy who was most responsible for ending 86 years of futility and establishing the Red Sox as a perennial powerhouse wasn’t even invited.

Just another instance where the Red Sox ownership group can’t act like the adult in the room me thinks.


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