Who The Hell Were All Those People At Fenway Yesterday?

Yesterday I  wrote about how the Boston Red Sux Sox didn’t even invite Theo Epstein back to celebrate the 100th anniversary of historic Fenway Park. Not that he chose not to come, but that they didn’t even have the decency to invite him:

I find it more than odd that the guy who was most responsible for ending 86 years of futility and establishing the Red Sox as a perennial powerhouse wasn’t even invited.

Just another instance where the Red Sox ownership group can’t act like the adult in the room me thinks.

Today @ Hardball Talk discusses the odd choices they did make when handing out those invitations:

There was no keeping up with all 216 players to show up on the Fenway Park field for the 100th anniversary celebration today. Fortunately, the Boston Globe has a list of all those in attendance.

Among the one-and-done Red Sox there were Carlos Baerga, Mark Whiten, Nick Esasky, Calvin Pickering, Sean Casey, Luis Alicea (I guess it only seemed like he was there for five years of mediocrity), Anastacio Martinez, Nick Green, James Lofton (no, that wasn’t Kenny), Kevin Jarvis, Wayne Gomes, Billy Jo Robidoux, Scott Schoeneweis and Dave Valle (.158 in 76 AB for the ’94 Red Sox).

Hell, they even invited that giant, raging douche bag Jose Canseco back because he played a couple of seasons in the mid-90’s.

But then again, Theo wasn’t the only notable absence so they needed to go for the “quantity over quality” approach.

We knew Curt Schilling wasn’t coming, and Roger Clemens probably has some other things on his mind. But Wade Boggs couldn’t make it. Semi-active major leaguers Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damonweren’t there (Manny’s suspension might not have permitted him to be on the field anyway). Trot Nixon reportedly was attending his son’s Little League game. Yankees employees John Flaherty, Tony Pena and David Cone apparently weren’t willing to put on Red Sox uniforms. Dave Roberts had coaching obligations with the Padres.

Some other former Red Sox missing: Fred Lynn, Mike Greenwell, Ellis Burks, Bill Mueller, John Valentin, Troy O’Leary, Doug Mirabelli, Orlando Cabrera, Mark Bellhorn, Marty Barrett, Rickey Henderson, J.D. Drew, Bob Stanley and Rich Garces.

It is more than a little bit indicative of how petty the Red Sox front office can be when legendary players like Lynn & Boggs chose to no-show and even more of an indictment when players on your curse breaking 2004 title team take a pass like Schilling, Nixon, Bellhorn, Mueller, Cabrera, Roberts & Mirabelli did.


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