Red Sox fan buys whole bar shots in the 5th inning, feels dumb 2 innings later

Via the Bronx Goblin:

Fergy Jones of Billerica MA was as happy as a clam watching the Red Sox lead the Yankees by 8 runs on Saturday. So what did he do to celebrate the Sox lead? He decided to take his month savings that he made from his lemonade stand and bought the entire bar a round of shots.

“My mom let me build my lemonade stand in her front Yaaad. I saved all of my money in a Jaah. My Jaah say’s Red Sox on it, which is wicked awesome.” said Fergy who has that dumb Boston accent.

Fergy seemed to be a very proud 46 yr old Red Sox Fan.

“The Saux were winning wicked bad against the Yankees. I decided to buy the Bah some shots of Irish Whiskey. Afta we got done celebratin. The Yankees started to come back.” he said. “I was wicked pissed and freakin hammerd.”

Fergy spent $145 on the shots and ended up making a complete fool out of himself.

“I stahted dancing on the bar with some butter faced girl. Now I am broke and the Saux lost.” he added.

Swisher led the way with 6 RBI’s and the Yankees staged a great comeback.


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