We may never hear Shyam Das’ explanation for overturning Ryan Braun’s suspension

Yesterday marked two months to the day since we learned that Ryan Braun won the appeal of his 50-game PED suspension. The hope was that a written explanation from arbitrator Shyam Das would provide further illumination for why he made his decision, but it turns out we may never get that information.

According to the Associated Press, Das was asked by the players’ union and management to hold off giving his reasoning while they negotiate changes to their rules for collecting urine specimens.

If players and owners reach agreement on the changes, the Feb. 23 decision by arbitrator Shyam Das to overturn the penalty for the Milwaukee outfielder could be allowed to stand without any written explanation, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the process is designed to be confidential.

Didn’t we know it would end up like this?

Scarce details, a sample collector tossed under the bus by a guy who offered multiple, sometimes contradicting defenses for the fact he had insanely high amounts of testosterone in his system that couldn’t scientifically be attributed to a sample sitting in a cool, dark basement and the assurances that “you’ll see the arbitrator’s decision in due time” is now going to end without us hearing nary a peep from the guy.

I doubt anything in the report would have convinced Braun’s supporters he was anything other than vindicated by the decision, but I for one would have loved to see if the decision was purely based on legal mumbo jumbo, rather than, ya know, someone actually thinking he didn’t pony up a sample with more testo than one the Hulk might offer on a “bad temper day”.



  1. Pete Sloan

    It just seems to me Braun, if he were completely innocent, would be more eager to get additional information out there himself, regardless of the report. In my mind, he’ll never be “innocent” as long as his main defense is that a sample collector was too stupid to follow procedure.

    • djpostl

      Yeah. But, sadly, I think it’s because he knows he wasn’t “innocent” as much as he was “lucky enough to get off on a technicality”. The guy has told the press one thing, then took another defense in front of the arbitrator THEN said “only my teammates know the real story”, meaning there is a third version of his story out there.

      Sorry Ryan, you’re shady to me from here on out.

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