Pedro Gomez and Steroids, Round Two

From Chip Buck @ Fire Brand of the A.L.:

In case you were wondering, the debate over performance enhancing drugs, the Hall of Fame, and the steroid era’s place in history is still very much alive.

While on Twitter (where else?) on Tuesday afternoon, I came upon a seemingly innocuous tweet from ESPN‘s Pedro Gomez.  Someone asked Gomez if he would consider voting home run king Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame.

Given Gomez’s expertise with regards to Bonds, I was rather curious to how he’d respond.  Not surprisingly, Gomez shared that he wouldn’t vote for any steroid users.  While I disagreed with his opinion, I had no problem with it.

Provided he applied this axiom consistently across the board, I felt it was a perfectly valid opinion.  To clear up any questions in my mind, I asked what he meant by “users.”  Here’s the dialogue that ensued.

Pedro Gomez – Won’t vote for any “users” “@Hunt1Brian:@pedrogomezESPN One more question, I know U followed Bonds career closely, would you vote him HOF.”

Me – Are we talking suspected users or those we have proof used steroids (i.e. a very small number of people)

Pedro Gomez – Proof for several of them. Otherwise, I’ll trust my eyes.

Me –  So Im assuming you can tell which people are gay completely based on appearance as well. Interesting.

Me – You can’t spot a steroid user with 100% certainty anymore than u can spot a date rapist, pedophile, or serial killer.

Pedro Gomez – Really, that’s your comeback?

Me – I think its a valid comparison. Not saying certain guys didnt use, but Im not going to make circumstantial assumptions.

Me – Did anyone think Ryan Franklin or Manny Alexander did steroids? No, but they were nailed with it.

Pedro Gomez – Done with you.

I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.  Pedro Gomez, a member of the mainstream media, gets asked pointed, rational questions about his flawed methodology in determining the steroid users from the non-users; gets angry; mocks the one questioning him; and decides to take his ball and go home.  Classy.

Ever noticed how Pedro Gomez hasn’t denied that he is a two-bit hack who is completely unworthy of the job that he has? #Ijusttrustmyeyes

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