UPDATE: Those Assclowns In Texas Want An Apology From Michael Kay

The engaged couple that has been vilified for snatching away a baseball that was intended for a toddler at Wednesday’s RangersYankees game say they have been treated unfairly. And they want an apology from the Yankees broadcaster whose comments helped make the video of the episode go viral.

“My fiance Shannon and I were honestly unaware of the situation of the little boy sitting next to us last night since we were so caught up in the excited and moment of being at our first Ranger‘s baseball game together,” Sean Leonard wrote in a statement posted by WFAA.

The child eventually was given another ball, but that didn’t stem the wave of online criticisms that came after Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay said on air, “Oh, my God, they can’t give it to the kid?”

Leonard was at the game with his fiance, Shannon Moore, whom he will wed on Saturday.

“It’s very hurtful, especially when you know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt somebody or hurt their feelings,” Moore said. “Especially when it’s a little-bitty toddler.”

As for Kay, Leonard said, “He took an event and sensationalized it, threw it out there, never checked or validated the facts.”

As for the toddlers parents, they said that after the hoopla had died down (and the couple had posed & preened with the baseball in front of the little tike for a decent chunk of time) Leonard & Moore offered the ball to the boy but they declined, choosing to use the moment as a teachable moment for their three year old.

To the parents I say kudos, take a bad situation and make the best of it, possibly teaching the little guy something in the process.

To the engaged couple who suffer from head-up-ass-syndrome (HUAS)…don’t make me laugh.

An apology?

For what?

For correctly pointing out the way you intercepted a ball that was tossed in the toddlers direction?

For correctly pointing out how completely oblivious to the toddlers tears you were as you preened & posed with the thing right in front of him, only adding to his emotional duress?

For failing to applaud you after it took you way too long to realize what was going on around you and to offer to do the “right thing”?

I have little doubt that the only reason you ever removed your heads from your collective asses was after one or more of your friends called/texted you to let you know what Grade A douchebags you looked like.

For me, nothing changed with any of the news I read today.

The issue wasn’t that they merely took the ball in the first place, it was as much about how clue-free & self-absorbed they were in the process.

A pair of people, so self-centered they couldn’t even realize something they had done launched a three year old into tears were very correctly identified as people of questionable character.

The fact that the toddlers parents tried to make the best of a bad situation does nothing to change my opinion of the couple & what transpired.

The vast majority of us, in that same situation would have a. noticed what transpired and b. handed the ball over to the child and enjoyed what would have been a wonderful reaction..a big, broad smile on the kid’s face, no doubt.

We can forgive a 3 year old for being self-centered, because at that age they all are.

We can’t look past a pair of supposed adults who couldn’t be bothered to hand over a cheesy souvenir in order to put a smile on a toddlers face.

I adore how some idiots replying to both my piece and others that have written about the matter seem to think the three year old was a brat who deserved to cry, as if somehow it’d “toughen him up” or teach him a life lesson ignore the most obvious thing.

There was indeed a lesson he could have learned in all of this.

One of kindness to strangers.

If he is so mentality developed that he could learn “can’t always get what ya want” then he was more than ready to learn “be kind unto others” now wasn’t he you jackasses?


  1. Ken

    You are so full of it on this one. A kid gets what he wants just by throwing a fit? That’s good child rearing, isn’t it? I’m sorry, I’ll give the couple — with seven children of their own, by the way — the benefit of the doubt on this one, rather than that idiot Michael Kay. BTW, if the couple wants to sue Kay for slander, I’d be all for it: they’re not public figures and Kay went after them maliciously.

    • djpostl

      Keep dreamin’ Skippy. Has nothing to do with “kids getting everything they want”. Has everything to do with noticing the little guy in tears and doing a kind thing.

      Lol, so what if they have seven kids of their own. There are tons of parents who are shitty, you act like them having kids makes them experts on the matter and anyone who walks through life knows that isn’t a “given”.

      As for slander, good luck man. Never gonna happen. You have to prove that what was said was a. 100% false, b. done with malicious intent and c. caused some sort of monetary, emotional or physical harm…the standard is hard to meet.

      Now run along and beat some six year old at one on one and feel proud of yourself.

  2. Speaking the truth

    If anyone would know about shitty parents it would be you djpostl. You are an ass bag trying to get your 15 minutes. You know what you saw on television and thats it. Damn you’re dumb.

    • djpostl

      Haha, okay troll. Pot & Kettle come to mind right about now. Always love when some coward plays the role of Internet Tough Guy and hides behind anonymity on the web. Is that you Trey Hickman??!! https://yourkillinmesmalls.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/r-i-p-treyhickman-your-twitter-account-is-gone-but-not-forgotten/

      On a related note, I adore how all the idiots like you that seem to think the three year old was a brat who deserved to cry, as if somehow it’d “toughen him up” or teach him a life lesson ignore the most obvious thing.

      There was indeed a lesson he could have learned in all of this. One of kindness to strangers.

      If he is so mentality developed that he could learn “can’t always get what ya want” then he was more than ready to learn “be kind unto others” now wasn’t he jackass?

      As for “You know what you saw on television and thats it”. Um, yes, you got me.

      I saw two douchebag assclowns that were 100% oblivious to what was going on, could have (at the very least) not flaunted, unintentional or otherwise, in front of the boy or could have taken an extra step of kindness, one that I and a great many others would have done, and given the ball to the little boy.

      P.S. ain’t much “fame” that comes from a WordPress blog, more like a place to vent when I see dipwads like you running around the world.

  3. notnert_79

    First off check you facet before you start to bash some. The couple admitted to being “oblivious” to what was going on. The PARENTS of the child have come out and said the couple OFFERED to ball to the kid when they realized what he was crying about. The PARENTS of the child declined because they wanted to teach the child that he doesn’t always get what he wants. You just like the yankees announcer saw 60 seconds of something and feels you can voice their opinion regardless of the damage it could do to someone else. Check your facts before you start bashing other people. It just shows your level of intelligence!

    • djpostl

      Yes, I was quite aware they offered the ball at some point. In fact, I even mentioned it in the damn piece. So you’re the one who needs to fact check I guess, huh?

      My point was kudos the parents for seeing that they were oblivious and trying to make the best of a bad situation for the little tike.

      But that doesn’t absolve the couple for everything that happened those five minutes prior, any more than people rushing to an assault victim’s aid somehow diminishes the attacker’s responsibility.

      The reason people’s gut reaction to the thing was just like Michael Kay’s is simple, at least to me.

      In the same boat it would have taken me all of three seconds to figure it out and put a smile on the kid’s face.

      They did neither.

      I get that people think we should “toughen the kid up” and “teach him you don’t always get what you want” to some extent but he’s three.

      Learning opportunities come up frequently with preschool children where they’re open to your moralizing, but you have to be prepared to do it on their timetable at this point in their cognitive development, not yours.

      But EVEN if I grant that he is at the point where you could actually use this as a “life lesson” he could just as easily learn “be kind to strangers” and I doubt anyone would argue we need a little less of that in the world.

      If they do, then to hell with them.

      Lastly, check your grammar and maybe get spell check before you go chastising someone for their supposed lack of intelligence.

      P.S. Paragraphs & spacing are your friend. Or let me put it in “your speak”. They are “you friend”.

  4. Sue

    Will you guys shut the hell up! Who fin cares about what happened here…why is everything so blown out of proportion? Grow the f up and move on with your simple little lives…

    • djpostl

      Says the troll on a website…if it is such a non-issue move on with your “simple little life” and spare me your lecture. Obviously you have a greater calling like fighting crime in Gotham or ridding the world of nuclear armaments that demand your precious time.

  5. Jack

    You are right on, great piece. There are a lot of stupid posters here, that have no clue about children, how to act like an adult, be considerate, or maybe they’re just plain dumb.

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