Craig Calcaterra Misses The Mark on Rob Dibble’s Comments

at Hardball Talk is good. In fact, he’s really good.

But in response to some comments made by former Reds‘ closer/”Nasty Boy” Rob Dibble he just took the Golden Sombrero in my opinion.

The former big league closer was asked on Philly’s CBS Sports Radio what he thought about the whole Cole Hamels/Bryce Harper/Mike Rizzo fiasco and to nobody’s surprise, he had zero issue with Hamels plunking the young player.

That led Calcaterra to write this:

You know what I do whenever a controversial topic comes up? I ask myself “I wonder what Rob Dibble thinks of all of this?”

Dibble, not surprisingly, is a fan of mayhem. He said that if Cole Hamels wants to throw at someone “that’s Cole Hamels’ deal.” And added, “I kinda dig it.” Dibble also said that he approves of the whole “welcome to the big leagues” Old Time Baseball thing of throwing at a guy simply because he’s a rookie, noting that he did the same thing to Jeff Bagwell back in the day

Craig then went on to cite some stats provided by one of the sites users in the comments section about how Dibble never actually hit Bagwell and how he was “full of baloney” and so on.


He never said he HIT Bagwell. He said he threw at him. And that Bagwell being the old school kind of guy he was just got back up and lined out in a rocket to SS on the very next pitch.

If someone is being “fact checked” the very least people should do is be clear about which facts are being checked, otherwise you come out looking like the tool you’re claiming someone else is.

In fact if you actually took the time to listen to the interview he talks about protecting teammates, sending messages to younger players, but most of all he just says Mike Rizzo needs to stay the hell out of it.

He very correctly points out that Nationals, for all of their young talent have a roster that is still loaded with some quality, tough nose veteran players who can (and will) handle it, leaving no room or need for the GM to get involved.

Dibble is a usually a bit of an asshat by most accounts…but not on this one.


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