Mark DeRosa aggravated his oblique injury high-fiving Bryce Harper

I’m getting too old for this shit.

Well, my dog didn’t say it..but he looked like he was thinkin’ it the other day when he seemed to “pull something”  after having jumped up on my bed.

But even he gets a kick out of this one on how  the Nationals Mark DeRosa injured himself celebrating a stolen base I bet.

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post has the details:

DeRosa’s progress returning from a strained left oblique muscle was stunted in an odd way, Johnson said. As Bryce Harper came into the dugout Sunday night after he stole home against the Phillies, DeRosa aggravated his oblique when Harper gave him a forceful high-five.

“I don’t know if that set back the rehab or not,” Johnson said. “But I said, ‘Why didn’t use your [right] hand?’ He said it was spur of the moment.”

Less forceful celebrations. more precautionary Ben Gay applications Mark.

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