Once Again Laz Diaz Shows Why He Is A Joke Of A Freakin’ Umpire

First rule of umpiring/officiating sports in general: If fans know you by name that is rarely a good thing.

So why on Earth am I not the least it surprised to to hear about Laz Diaz acting like a mindless nitwit?

Last night Russell Martin and Diaz, calling balls & strikes for the game, got into it over his “shifting strike zone” early in the game, but no one lost their head and Martin was not ejected.

Later, however, Martin said Diaz began to mess with him:

Martin says Diaz wouldn’t allow him to throw new baseballs back to his pitchers after fouls during New York’s 6-5 win over the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday night … Martin says Diaz told him that throwing the balls was “a privilege I had to earn.”

In explaining it, Martin used a colorful metaphor to describe Diaz:

“Even at the end of the game after I get hit in the neck. I’m like, can I throw the ball back now? He’s still like no. I’m like you’re such a (expletive). Like for real. Unbelievable. I even told him like when there’s guys on base, I like to keep my arm loose. No. I’m not letting you throw a ball back. That’s pretty strange to me … I was kind of mystified. I really didn’t get that. He was punishing me.”

This kind of retarded shit is why umpires like Diaz, Joe West, “Balkin'” Bob Davidson, C.B. Bucknor & Angel Hernandez just need to be ran out of the game.

Get this through your f***in’ heads you assclowns.

Nobody pays good money to see you knuckleheads so stay the f*** out of the way & stop trying to bring attention to yourselves.

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