Fan Rushed Field,Yankees Rip Tigers Slow As Molasses Security

Source: CBS New York

Nick Swisher hoped the fan roaming free in Detroit’s outfield during the ninth inning Sunday wasn’t about to head his way.

Turns out that’s exactly where he was going. Comerica Park security slowly made their way to stop the scrambling spectator, who coaxed a fist-bump out of the New York outfielder.

Swisher seemed his usual good-natured self after the fan contact. But other members of the Yankees weren’t laughing.

“He runs over and he’s like, ‘Come on Swish, give me some dap’ ” Swisher said after the Yankees’ 5-1 win, according to the New York Daily News. “I was like well, hell, he’s going to jail. Why not?”

In a video uploaded to YouTube, multiple security guards can be seen walking toward right field, but are nowhere near as the fan approaches Swisher.

That wasn’t all — there was a good amount of action not seen as the clip cut in late. According to Newsday, the fan came out of the stands near left field, ran toward the infield and “had time to ask Robinson Cano for a glove.”

The fan was eventually downed behind the second-base bag nearly 25 seconds after his “Swish-bump.”

“That can’t happen,” said Yankees manager Joe Girardi. “People have to get out there. You worry about your guys.”

First baseman Mark Teixeira, who said he was “yelling at the umpires and the security,” ripped the slo-mo response.

“That’s too long. Luckily that guy was harmless,” he said. “You can’t let a guy run out there for a few minutes and go up to players. Most stadiums are great and the security is on it in seconds. That took way too long. It was like they were corraling him. I guess that’s their way.”



  1. SomebodyElse

    I sadly know this kid :/ It’s sad to believe that he’s gotten so popular over something so dumb. This is more than likely going on his permanent record…

    • djpostl

      I know that 90% of the time it’s either a fan who just loves their team and quite harmless (like the guy who ended up in the middle of the Mets as they celebrated Johan’s no-hitter) but I can’t for the life of me imagine why it would be risking going to jail and/or a life time ban from my favorite teams stadium.

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