Trash Talkin’: the St. Louis Post-Dispatch vs. the New York Daily News

I just love some good, friendly (or not so friendly) trash talk. It just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

From Craig Calcaterra over at Hardball Talk comes this:

After nearly a decade of hearing about the lack of civility in modern online media, allow me to be the first to chant “one of us … one of us … we accept you” at the folks behind the fun dust-up between the New York Daily News and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch over Johan Santana‘s no-hitter from Friday night.

First volley:*  The Post-Dispatch’s placing a large asterisk (*) on the Johan Santana no-hitter in its Saturday morning edition, pictured to the right.

Return volley:* The New York Daily News, today:

“Apparently, the Post-Dispatch couldn’t locate the asterisk key while Mark McGwire (the current Cardinals hitting coach) was swatting 220 steroid-aided home runs while a member of the Cardinals and setting bogus records in St. Louis.”


Of course the best thing about this is that, when print media is involved, it takes three days for a flame war to develop.  I think Mets and Cardinals fans online had this thing argued out, hashed over and then resolved before midnight on Friday.

Perhaps the funniest part of Craig’s post, though I do love the Daily News 110%, spot on return volley, was this “update” Calcaterra posted a few hours after his piece first appeared on the web.

“*Bonus points to the NYDN I-Team Twitter feed for noting that, while it may take print media three days to have a flame war, they can at least spell, which I could not, having originally spelled it “volly.”  Touche, print media. Touche.”


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