Cubs Manager On Starlin Castro’s Boneheaded Play: “This Is The Last Straw”

Starlin Castro, starting shortstop for the Chicago Scrubs Cubs, has a metric ton of talent.

But he also has a penchant for playing games with his head shoved up his a**.

Yesterday was no different.

Castro’s latest faux pas occurred in the fifth inning when he forgot how many outs they were after taking a throw at second base from Darwin Barney. It was the start of a potential double play.

Inexplicably, Castro jogged off the field, and never threw to first to double-up Brandon Crawford. The Giants tied the game, and the Cubs were done.

After the game, Cubs manager Dale Sveum had this to say:

“It’s the last straw,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said after Monday’s 3-2 loss to the San Francisco Giants. “If he wants to play, he better start getting his head in the game. Period.”

Agreed Mr. Sveum.

Dude isn’t a rook anymore and we are talking about the most important defensive position in the infield, arguably the entire game (though I feel catcher is just as important & more grueling, obviously).

Sure, he is young.

He is talented.

But this kind of s*** keeps happening.

As Bob Nightengale of USA Today was quick to point out:

This is the same guy who stopped running on a steal attempt Friday, believing play was stopped. He had his back turned to the infield during a pitch last August (see video below) against the Mets. And, please, don’t bring up his lack of patience at the plate, drawing six walks in 228 plate appearances.

This affliction I like to call HUAS, Head Up Ass Syndrome, has got to end & end right now, otherwise the Cubs won’t have to worry about making the tough cal to trade their young star because nobody will be wiling to part with anything worth a damn for him.


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