More horror stories from 38 Studios

This 38 Studios Debacle Has Been One Hot Mess over atHardball Talk has been all over the epic failure that was once known as 38 Studios. The thing has been a hot mess and like me the dude has covered it from day one.

It has been a putrid set of affairs, ripe with hypocrisy & filled with, at best, recklessness and, at worst, fraud on the part of Curt Schilling and his business partners.

He has written one more piece that he hopes you’ll read before you “wash your hands” of the whole stinking mess:

We’ve heard a lot of back and forth about what went down with the folding of Curt Schilling’s company. The Rhode Island politicians have grandstanded, Curt Schilling has postured and there is enough ugliness to it all that most people may want to wash their hands of it.

But before you wash your hands of it, go read this account of the spouse of a 38 Studios employee. In it she explains just how quickly and thoroughly her family was uprooted, then cut loose and then dealt a series of devastating financial blows at the hands of a company which didn’t seem to give a crap. It’s nothing short of harrowing.

And no, the point here isn’t to mock and shame Curt Schilling. He’s a handy tie-in to make this quasi-relevant to a baseball blog, I will admit that. The point is to highlight a scenario in which a government bent over backwards to lure business (while caring little if any to regulate business) while a company treated its employees like tax-break and incentive vouchers, caring little for what happened to them the moment money stopped being made.

I really hope you click over and read the link in his piece.

It’s a good precautionary tale that I think everyone needs to check out in this day & age of “hyper-capitalism”.


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