Lots of Carlos Lee chatter today…

Over at Hardball Talk a reader (sincitybonobo) had this to say about the Houston DisAstros Carlos Lee not wanting to take a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers, contenders in the NL West:

I will preface this by saying he simply exercised an option that was available to him and broke no rules.

However, at the tail end of a contract that he never came close to justifying, he has a chance to save the woebegone Astros some money, let them pick up a couple of prospects, and make a push for October with a storied franchise.

He’d be spending six extra weeks in the regular season away from his ranch. Half of his remaining games as an Astro will be played on the road.

Weak. If he weren’t ridiculously overpaid, I wouldn’t be so hard on him. Exercising this option is permissible. However, it does not prevent you from being perceived as gutless and selfish.

Craig Calcaterra had this to say about it:

Ultimately, however, I think this serves as a lesson that, contrary to what a lot of fans want to believe, players often — maybe more often than we realize — think of baseball as their job and nothing more. And no matter how much money is involved, many of them view a trade the same way you’d view being transferred to another city for your job. It’s disruptive and, if it can be avoided, it’d be nice to.

While I agree that far too often these players view it as a “job” and don’t have 1/100th the passion that the everyday fan does, I don’t completely agree with the analogy.

Another reader (rooney24) very correctly pointed out the obvious:

Sorry, but Craig’s comparing this to one of the readers getting transferred in their job is night and day different. If a reader were transferred, they would have to pack up their house and move, maybe find new schools if they have kids, leave their friends behind, and start a whole new life in another city.

Carlos would merely have had to find an apartment for a couple of months (which the Dodgers would likely have done for him if he asked), and go work in another city for a couple of months, all while making an insane amount of money compared to what the majority of America makes.

Gee, that doesn’t sound like a very level comparison to me.

Whether he views it as a job or not, the simple fact is Carlos Lee was a shitty employee for all those years, with his productivity coming nowhere near his level of compensation.

It would have been nice to see him remove his head from his rather large ass long enough to notice this would benefit the team & more importantly its fans.

Yes baseball fans, he owes them that much.


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