Baseball, PEDs and a level of hypocrisy that knows no bounds

Kirk Gibson's iconic walk-off home run in the 1988 World SeriesCraig Calcaterra @ Hardball Talk comes through again (seriously, he and I tend to line up on this kind of stuff nearly 100% of the time) on the whole PED front:

Dan LeBatard offers the most intelligent and mature take on PEDs in sports I’ve seen in ages. He asks us to take a step back and ask ourselves why it is we are so hung up on a certain, narrow kind of performance enhancement in sports when we never question it — indeed, we openly praise it — when athletes do insane things to their bodies, all in the name of staying on the field? Often things that could cause massive harm.

Stuff like Ronnie Lott cutting his finger off. Lomas Brown playing with a catheter. Players having ligaments taken from cadavers and inserted into their own bodies. Drug therapies and medical procedures that are wholly unnecessary for a normal quality of life but are accepted in the name of athletic performance. We are totally fine with these. We are not totally fine with others:

We are OK with Kirk Gibson hitting one of the most famous home runs ever on one steroid (cortisone), but we slam the Hall of Fame door on the face of everybody else who might have used the anabolic kind. Granted, cortisone is not a banned performance enhancer, but it certainly enhanced Gibson’s performance, which wouldn’t have been possible without it. Lost in the shouting of “Cheater!” and “Fraud!” from a pill-popping America is how often athletes have to go through the pharmacy for the healing properties of hormones — not just to hit home runs but because what they do for a daily living really hurts.

Great points indeed.

For the life of me I cannot see why HGH is banned in professional sports.

These are highly paid athletes who amount to substantial investments for their teams. It makes little sense to me to deprive them of certain medical regimens while allowing others.

Anabolic steroids have a certain “healing property” but more in the sense that it allows you to regen faster for additional workouts so I tend to feel they should still be banned, however HGH should be “A-OK” to me.

If it is actually required to come back from an injury and a doctor is prescribing, administering it then have at it fellas.

As much as we like to play the role of raging hypocrite as we look down our nose at PED users our “positions” on them are just one giant clusterf*** of contradictions when it comes down to it.


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