No People, Ryan Howard Cannot Hit Lefties

From  over at Hardball Talk comes this little observation:

I was just reading this profile on Ryan Howard over at It’s your standard spring optimism piece. Howard feels way better now than last year and is ready to return to form. Nothing all that notable in the story.

But midway down the story, a poll appears:


Internet polls are all pretty meaningless, especially the actual results. But this one is particularly astounding to me inasmuch as it treats something which is wholly empirical — whether or not Ryan Howard can hit lefties — as though it were a matter of opinion or belief.

Which may not seem like a big deal, but when you think about it this is the exact reason why so much sports conversation is stupid.

Sadly, this has what it has come to not only in sports, but in terms of things generally.

There is this growing resistance to things like, ya know, math.

Scientific facts, mathematical equations et al have suddenly become open to debate when they really aren’t.

Once something has been observed, the same results have been repeated successfully and the thing has gone through peer evaluations the debate is done.

The result is what the result is.

But we seem to have a great many nitwits out there who have less mental ability than a lobotomized monkey banging on a keyboard and think quantifiable things are open to “debate”.

Welcome to the “internetz”.

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