WTF Sabean? $90M for Hunter Pence?


The San Francisco Giants are just about to get out from under that horrific Barry Zito contract (7 YR/126M) AND a pathetic Aaron Rowand deal (5 YR/60M) so how does their GM celebrate?

He runs out and gives a guy who ranks 28th amongst active Outfielders in OPS (handy evaluation tool) a 5 YR/90M deal lol.

How they won two World Series with this guy at helm is amazing.

Hunter Pence is a solid player and I really like they guy, mostly because he is a big nerd at heart. And yes, durability is undervalued by the average fan.

But supply and demand still rule and this market has a plethora of guys who are better available.

Then factor in a recent history of GMs running out and making a similar mistake by looking at how long Michael Bourn had to wait and how far his price plummeted last year.

The Braves paid way too much, way too early for B.J. Upton and got .184 & 9 HRs from him for the bargain of an extra $25M in contract commitments (and spare me the “they made he playoffs, derp” because Upton had little to do with that and Bourn had a better year).

You can also look at the contract the Philadelphia Phillies handed Jonathan Papelbumbon as another shining example of a team rushing to beat the market and paying way too much for a player. There were about a dozen closer-types on the market and they ended up paying as much for him as some teams did for an entire bullpen.

This contract is a HUGE overpay and might just be the first sign in another long list of questionable deals handed out by Sabean.


One comment

  1. Gary Trujillo

    I couldn’t agree more..but yet I like this deal because I’m an Oakland fan and the more douch-bag things the Giants do, the better. The sad thing is that most of them for the most part APPLAUDED this signing. idiots.

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