Even When They Get Instant Replay Right They Manage To Get It Wrong


Just what we needed, more proof positive on what a joke Bud “The Dud” Selig is.

From Bill Baer over at Hardball Talk:

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports is reportingthat the latest development in replay talks is that the “neighborhood play” — where the second baseman catches the ball off the bag and throws to first base in an attempt to both avoid an incoming runner and complete a double-play, and is given credit for the force out — will not be reviewable.Morosi adds that a manager may challenge that the second baseman did not make a catch but cannot challenge that the second baseman was on the bag when he received the ball.”

I fully understand that the risk of injuries might increase by requiring the pivot man to stand their ground on the bag, the prime motivation for this exemption according to Morosi, but the “neighborhood play” is a freaking joke because the morons umpiring allow it to become “in the same zip code…sort of” plays.

So now, one of the most common (and easiest to spot) missed calls is now exempt from replay.

And that’s before we get to that whole issue of the damn rule states that the fielder’s foot must be on the bag for the out to be recorded part of the equation, as clearly stated in MLB rule 7.08:

“Any runner is out when … (e) He fails to reach the next base before a fielder tags him or the base…”

It doesn’t say “before a fielder tags him or the base or just kind of leisurely comes close to one or the other“. It clearly states that one or the other must be tagged.

What’s the next logical step in this? Because guys get hurt crashing into walls chasing flyballs down we just credit them with the putout if they get close? Or how about all those strained hamstrings teams suffer through? Do we just flip a coin to determine if the baserunner is safe or out on every batted ball put into play?

Of course not, that would be ridiculous.

Kind of like this exemption.

But hey, this kind of haphazard, get as much stuff wrong as we get right mentality has been pretty much par for the course with Selig as Comissioner of the game so why should I have expected anything less this time around, huh?


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