Little League Coach Is Suing, Well, Just About Everyone…

baseballgunweb14s-2-webIn what likely has to be the first move by someone to toss their hat into the ring for 2014’s “Douchenozzle of the Year Award” comes this little bit of news from KCRA News in Sacramento, CA:

Joe Paris held his son’s baseball helmet in his hands and expressed frustration that the teen is now named in a civil summons filed in Placer County Superior Court by the boy’s own coach in connection with a game-winning celebration.

“At first I thought it was joke,” Paris said Tuesday. “Now, I think it’s absurd.”

Paris said his son was racing toward home plate to score the winning run during a Lakeside Little League game last spring when the boy threw off his helmet in celebration.

“He was so excited,” Paris said.

In legal papers filed in court, the teen’s former coach, Alan Beck, contends the boy “carelessly threw a helmet, striking Plaintiff’s Achilles tendon and tearing it.”

The legal filings show Beck is seeking $500,000 for pain and suffering, and more than $100,000 for lost wages and medical bills.

How a rounded, likely dull-ish batting helmet edge managed to slice/tear/seriously damage an Achilles Tendon is completely beyond my comprehension.

I am not saying that it is impossible, but I find it hard to believe that played out that way.

A dime to a dollar says the assclown was already feeling some pain in that area and turned a minor bit of bad luck on the child’s part into a sizable amount of good fortune for him.


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  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Yeah, I read this on HardballTalk, aslo, and we were discussing it at work. We pretty much made the same points that you did. It’s kind of pathetic by that coach, and opens the door for other jackholes to sue kids.

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