A-rod: Sleazy Is As Sleazy Does

A-FraudAs a baseball addict I often frequent the website Hardball Talk (if you haven’t checked it out you really should), especially liking the writings and ramblings of Craig Calcaterra.

I don’t always agree with Craig, but I always understand where he is coming from.

Today he postulates that Major League Baseball‘s claim in a recent 60 Minutes piece that a payment of around $50,000 from Rodriguez to Anthony Bosch was less of an attempted bribe and more of clerical error.

In his piece he goes as far as to say that not only wasn’t it a mistake, but it’s one that MLB was fully aware of and looked the other way on to suit their purposes:

“Rather, it was a misdirected payment intended for A-Rod’s lawyers. Indeed, A-Rod had just been billed that exact amount by his legal team. It was misdirected to Bosch’s attorney — with whom A-Rod had been dealing with previously — and when the mistake was discovered it was promptly returned. Despite this, MLB stands by its contention that it was a bribe.”

My problem with his rationale is that he doesn’t offer up any evidence that MLB was aware of the clerical error, nor that they subsequently ignored that tidbit of information as they took action against A-fraud A-rod.

He just takes the word of a known sleazeball player and said sleazeball’s known sleazeball lawyer (give this piece a read for a look at that assclown) and assumes that everything is on the up & up, as if it is completely out of the question to think that it all could have been a pencil-whipped ruse to cover their collective asses after an attempted bribe didn’t shake out the way they thought it would.

To me that is just as valid a theory as the evidence free one he put forth above.

He could be right. I could be right. Who knows, based on what we have to go on. The only thing we do know is that this is all just one big old hot mess of ugly.

In the end I don’t think Bosch is a stand-up guy with a whole lot of credibility.

But A-rod’s problem is I think he’s got even less.


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